Product Details

T Automatic Horizontal Type Ketchup Coffee Pillow Doypack Gusset Stand up Premade Pouch Packaging/Packing Machine

Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features

Technical parameters:

Model L-130
Measurment Volumetric cup
Measurement range 1.7-82ml
Hopper capacity 20L
Film width(Bag former) 40-240mm
Bag width 15-110mm
Bag length 30-210mm
Speed 15-60bags/min

Function and Features

1. This machine can finish these work automatically: measuring--making bag--coding (option)--filling--gas injection(option)--sealing--counting.
2. Micomputer control system, photeelectric tracking, which improve the control precision, reliability and intelligence at the maximum limit.
3. Has fault display system, easy to operate and maintain.
4. Make punching blade after customer's special request.
5. Machine body and all parts touching product: made by 304 stainless steel

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